Professional auditors with knowledge of the sector




Your own dashboard with benchmark


Knowledge development


Certification as a YOIN excellent meeting place can differentiate your venue from others.
As an independent, professional partner, YOIN recognises your attention to the development of knowledge and quality. First and foremost, the results of the audit offer insights - into your blind spots, for example - and motivation for the entire team.

The criteria on which the audit is based are in line with the Buildings Decree, regulations, rules and legislation and, for example, government and corporate purchasing criteria. This makes your certification a marketing tool to influence your potential clients’ buying journey.

In addition to the biennial audit:

- You will gain insight into the status of facilities, service, hygiene and communication, etc. by means of a comprehensive audit

- You will gain access to your own YOIN data dashboard with benchmark

- You will receive a wall plaque to display at your organisation's entrance or reception

- You will receive an online toolkit with logos and text to promote your certification in all your communications

- You will receive a mystery call and a benchmark analysis based on that

- You can ask a professional for advice on such subjects as marketing, social selling and sustainability

- You can receive one-to-one advice from the YOIN team, up to 2 hours per year, about any matter or problem that concerns you

- You will participate in our marketing and sustainability monitors.

- You will be the first to have access to reports and white papers, arising from the monitoring

- You will be mentioned on our website with a link to your own website

- You will participate in the knowledge boosters or events (created on the basis of community monitoring data).

- You will obtain purchasing advantages from our partners in the fields of marketing, events and knowledge development.

- You will increase your visibility and network

And, more importantly, you will have ample opportunity to demonstrate how committed you are to the quality of your venue and to your team's knowledge.