The quality label for conference and event venues


Independent and professional auditors from the sector


Knowledge sharing in the fields of organisation, sales and marketing

Stand out in quality

YOIN excellent meeting places is the reliable quality label for conference and event venues.

YOIN excellent meeting places advises, supports and independently assesses venues for quality, expertise, reliability, innovation and service. The criteria on which the audit is based are in line with the Buildings Decree, regulations, rules and legislation and, for example, government and corporate purchasing criteria. This makes your certification a marketing tool to influence your potential clients’ buying journey.

In addition, as a network, YOIN facilitates high-quality knowledge sharing and development in the field of organisation, sales and marketing, supporting affiliated professionals in the commercial and individual development and professionalisation of their venue.

YOIN excellent meeting places is an independent organisation, but is also confidently 'powered' by sector association CLC-VECTA; the knowledge and inspiration platform of and for the events industry.